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Castillo Storyboards , LLC 

click here to see The Rooney "IronMan" Video!

Storyboards for "Ironman the armored adventures"


Scene from "PUSH" 2008 Directed by lee Daniels


The Sopranos "Season 5" Dir: Steve Buscemi


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"Screwie" the talking baseball in Everyone's Hero!
Concept Sketch. Copyright 20th Century Fox

Robert Castillo has recently completed Storyboard work for :
"Everyones Hero" IDT, 2oth century Fox.
A Perfect Christmas "Universal " Dir: Lance Rivera
Wisin and Yandel "Noche de sexo" Dir: Ben Dejesus
Fat Joe, Nore, Nina Sky  "Mas Maiz"  Dir: Ben Dejesus
Fatty Koo   "Bounce"     Director: Davy Duhamel
John Legend "Number One"  Director: Davy Duhamel
Ja-Rule "Clapback"   Director: Benny Boom
Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you!"  Director: Diane Martel
Trick Daddy "thug Holiday"  Director: Nick Quested
The Sopranos "In Camelot" Season 5 : Steve Buscemi
The Cookout " Lionsgate Films" Dir: Lance Rivera
Band on The Run    Dir:   Nick Quested 

You can Watch Wisin and Yandel's "Noche de sexo" here!

You Can Watch "Mas Maiz" by Clicking Here!!!!

You can watch the award winning short "S.P.I.C." by Clicking here!

Contact : Cell: 917-331-2214  

Robert Castillo has done Illustration Work for the opening on Fat Joe, Nore and Nina Sky's "Mas Maiz" video!


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Robert Castillo Wins The Gold at Student Academy Awards!

This is the home page of The Award Winning Film  S.P.I.C. "The storyboard of my life" by Illustrator/Animator/Storyboard Artist Robert Castillo. We will keep you updated on awards and Screenings.
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About  S.P.I.C.
S.P.I.C.  are 5 stories about my life. When me and my family moved to Chelsea Mass. The neighborhood kids were tough on us because we were the only latinos in the neighborhood, this was around the early 80's and there weren't many latinos in Chelsea at this time! Today it is  95% Latinos. Many of the kids nicknamed us Spics but we never heard that word we didn't know what it meant, They told us it meant Special Person In Chelsea.