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S.P.I.C. "The Storyboard of my Life"

Robert Castillo

Robert Castillo
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Award winning Director, Animator, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist Robert Castillo discovered his passion for art and illustration at the tender age of five.  Nicknamed “Sketch” Castillo would draw his way through his difficult transition of returning to the US from the Dominican Republic, mastering English, and acclimating to the mostly white environment of Chelsea, Massachusetts.  It was here in Chelsea, Massachusetts that Robert learned what it meant to be a Special Person In Chelsea; the racist taunt that would inform his Student Academy Award “Gold” winning short, S.P.I.C. The Storyboard of My Life.  As a storyboard artist, Robert has created boards for feature films including Queen Latifah’s The Cookout, the Christopher Reeve directed animation Yankee Irving, award winning cable television program The Sopranos with Steve Buscemi, music videos for Alicia Keys, Ja Rule, Kid Rock, Fatty Koo, John Legend and Trick Daddy, commercials for Phat Farm, Adidas, And 1, as well as promo work for VH1 and Court TV. He has completed six commercial Spots for ESPN  in the style of his Short film S.P.I.C.

Robert’s talent has been recognized with various awards, and honors including The Scholastic Achievement Award in 1979.  He’s been privileged to create portraits of civil rights luminaries including a portrait of Malcolm X, for his daughter Attalah Shabazz and a portrait of Nelson Mandela which is hangs in Amherst College.  Robert is currently adapting S.P.I.C. into a long form feature, as well as developing several animation projects for Television. Robert is also working on Projects with Roberto Clemente Jr. and MLB.COM                                                              

S.P.I.C. Wins Student Oscar!
S.P.I.C. won a Student Academy Award in 2004. It qualified for Oscar Competition in 2005 and again in 2006 for winning at The Black Maria Film Festival.


Robert Castillo